Tiger Lily & Pink Lychee 10ml


Top: Bird of Paradise, Valencia Orange, Pink Lychee
Heart: Tiger Lily, Hawaiian Hibiscus, Mimosa
Base: Sandalwood, Teakwood, Musk

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This tropical and uplifting scent features pink lychee and tiger lily accompanied by Hawaiian hibiscus and mimosa wrapped in sandalwood, teak, and musk. It's the perfect spring fragrance for candles or bath and beauty products. It will awaken the senses for the season of renewal.

See IFRA for maximum skin safety levels. Always check the IFRA to ensure a fragrance is skin safe at the level you plan to use it.


Candles: 8-12%

Diffusers: 40%

Soaps: 3-6%

Room Sprays: 10%

Hand Sanitizers & Cleaners: 3%

Body Oils & Lotions: 1-3%

Perfume: 30%

Body Spray: 10%


Vanillin Content: 0% 


Essential Oils: Lemon Oil Terpenes from USA, Orange Oil Terpenes from USA, Orange Peel Oil from Brazil & South Africa, Lemon Peel Oil from Argentina, Canada & USA, Lime Oil Terpenes from Canada, Rose Absolute from Turkey, Cognac Oil from France, Gurjun Balsam from Indonesia, Geranium Oil from Egypt, Mimosa Absolute from France, Tagetes Oil from France, Cubeb Oil from Indonesia, Citronella Oil from China, and Cedar Leaf Oil from Canada


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